These Movers Want Stop Domestic Abuse. And Seeing HOW Will Warm Your Heart!

These ‘Meatheads' Are Making A Difference!

No one deserves to be bullied or abused. And abuse — psychical and psychological — certainly doesn't fall anywhere under Jesus' command to "love thy neighbor." But sadly, abuse does happen, and for the victims, it can be extremely difficult to escape.

Thankfully, there are many groups and organizations committed to helping abuse victims find the courage, the strength and the means to break the hold their abusers have on them. And now there's a moving company in California that is gaining national attention for their dedication to the cause.

You wouldn't necessarily expect such empathy from a "meathead." But according to the Meathead Movers Facebook page, the company quietly made a commitment back in 1999 to use the business as a way to help the victims of domestic abuse. And they are now receiving national attention thanks to the decision to partner with the Good Shepherd organization, a group dedicated to helping victims of domestic abuse move from their dangerous situation into a safe and nurturing environment. Aaron Steed, the President and CEO for the company, had the following to say:

“We know how hard it is to pack up someone’s life and move it to a new location – but it’s unimaginable to think about a woman and her children trying to pack up all their belongings and flee before the abuser returns home. When we realized we had the resources to help provide a fresh start for these victims, we knew Good Shepherd was the perfect organization to connect us with those who need our services most.”

And so, Meathead Movers will provide moving services free of charge for domestic abuse victims identified by Good Shepherd. What an incredibly noble gesture which will undoubtedly be a blessing to those making this difficult transition. But the opportunity to make a difference in someone else's life will also serve as a blessing to those involved. A spokesperson said the following:

“Not only do these services help the victims of domestic abuse, but they directly impact Meathead employees – consisting of predominantly young men who believe that real men don’t hit women, real men help those in need.”

And if that doesn't deserve a hearty "Amen," I don't know what does! It's great to see a company using their resources to do good. And it's also a great reminder that God will meet us where we are. We can all find a way to help others using whatever skills or means are available to us.

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Credit: LA Weekly

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