Hospital Left Him Too Weak for Putting Christmas Lights up but Then Strangers Knock on the Door

putting christmas lights up

Putting Christmas lights up became too much for one man after getting sick. But some Good Samaritans took it upon themselves to help his family out and spread some Christmas cheer.

Dale and Julie Marks live in a neighborhood that is famous for going above and beyond with their Christmas decorations and lights. And they also participate in the festive displays. On top of the holiday decorations, the couple put out bins at the end of their driveway in order to collect food and money from visitors to donate to the Food Bank of Iowa.

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"With so many people hurting out there, we like to use our Christmas lights as an opportunity to make a difference," Julie Marks said. Last year, with the help of neighbors and visitors, their community was able to donate $7,500 and 1,500 pounds of food!

Julie usually helps collect donations, and Dale does most of the decorating outside. But unfortunately, this year, that hasn't been the case.

Dale suffered two strokes and a heart attack after he and Julie got Covid-19. Julie recovered with no complications, but Dale had to be hospitalized for almost a month after he got sick. And once he was able to go home to finish his recovery, he was too weak to take out the Christmas decorations and put them up all around the house.

Putting Christmas Lights Up For Man Who’s Too Weak

"We thought that ours would be the only dark house in the neighborhood this year," Julie said, who was too busy taking care of Dale to decorate. "We were feeling really sad about it."

That's when Bob Coffey, a contractor in Des Moines, stepped in.

"I grew up just three miles from where Dale and Julie live. When I was a kid, my parents would take me and my siblings to see the lights in their neighborhood every year," Bob said. "When I learned they could use some help, I knew I wouldn't have a problem getting a volunteer crew together. I called Julie and told her I'd love to put up their lights."

Bob and four of his employees took about three hours to finish decorating Dale and Julie's house with their Christmas lights. And their act of kindness really touched the couple.

Good Samaritan Helps Family With Putting Christmas Lights Up

"It was incredible that they'd do this for us - I wanted to cry," said Julie. "I've been so overwhelmed with Dale's care that I knew there was no way we'd ever get those lights up by ourselves."

"I was totally unsure as to how I was going to pull it off all the while I was in the hospital," Dale shared. "As I sat out and watched, I was in tears watching Bob and his whole crew finish our lights. He's truly a person near to my heart."

What a wonderful way to serve those in need! And a great way to help spread the Christmas spirit.

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"It's important in life to pay it forward," Bob Coffey said. "If everyone did something, think how that would add up."

May this inspirational short story inspire you to think of ways that you can love your neighbors this holiday season!

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