Baby Kangaroo In Australia Saved By Farmer From Bushfires Ravaging The Land

baby kangaroo in australia saved

A baby kangaroo in Australia had a close call as raging bushfires reached historic proportions. But thankfully, farmer and volunteer firefighter Sam McGlone rescued the little guy in time!

Shortly before the New Year, bushfires began to rage through New South Wales in Australia. The fires have already burned millions of acres and they continue to spread at a devastating rate.

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While firefighters and other workers tirelessly defend the land, many people have lost their homes and thousands of animals have been displaced or injured.

YouTuber Sam McGlone was in his hometown of Braidwood when the fires started to reach the area.

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As a volunteer firefighter, he immediately went to work and started to put out some of the smaller fires.

He posted online saying, "My family and I have spent the last 10 days fighting fires around our town Braidwood/ South coast! Saving animals, houses anything we can!"

In a video posted on Instagram, Sam filmed himself finding a baby kangaroo in the Australia bushfires underneath a log. He quickly wrapped the joey in a blanket and took it to a nearby veterinarian for care.

But this heartbreaking video shows the sheer devastation and destruction that these fires are causing.

"I went out today looking for injured wildlife. Everything is burnt badly the trees are dropping any leaves they have left! This should not be happing this time of the year! Massive healthy trees are falling down!! The ground is super dry but now it's super burnt. We really need rain."

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Please keep your prayers on Sam and the thousands of others as they work to keep Australia safe.

WATCH: Farmer Saves Baby Kangaroo In Australia Bushfires

h/t: Godtube