This Mom Had No Idea What Her Son Was Hiding. But The Truth Shook Her To Her Core!

Fight Like Sarah

Sarah was confused when her young son Andrew’s football coach asked if Andrew could spend the night at his house the night before a rally important game. Slightly confused but overwhelmed by how excited Andrew was, she agreed. So she dropped him off at the coach’s house and promised to meet him at the game.

Sarah is currently in a harsh battle with stage 4 breast cancer and has lost all of her hair. As she approached the field she noticed that EVERYTHING was decked out in pink. The second she entered the stadium she was ushered to the center of the field where she stood frozen.

One by one the boys on her son’s team walked up to her to hand her a rose and removed their helmets to show that every last one of them had saved their heads. Even her son was hairless, which made the night before instantly make sense.

One of the boys on the team had been known for his long blonde hair that he had been growing out for six years. And there he stood bald a cue-ball and grinning from ear to ear. As Sarah stood beyond touched she realized that this support wasn’t just for her but it was for Andrew too, who needs the love just as much as his mom.

What these boys did is beyond touching. They gave something so simple up to show their teammate and his mom that they don’t have to do this alone. This is what it means to be in the family of Christ. Showing selfless love, especially when someone needs it most!

Oh, and the best part is, the boys won their game making them division champs. THIS is a game for the books!

Based on a blog by Sarah Amento h/t: Huffington Post

Featured Image Credit: Vimeo