Coworkers Buy A Car For A Deserving Friend

Woman Surprised With Car From Her Coworkers

Have you ever met someone who is truly inspiring and humble? Well, Linda Walton is one of those people. Linda Walton works at a cleaning company in Memphis, Tennessee and she is always full of positivity. But most people wouldn’t be quite so positive if they went through what Linda goes through every day just to get to work. What Linda’s coworkers didn’t know was that every single day Linda has a six-hour commute. She walks an hour from her house to get to the bus and then takes a two-hour bus ride just to get to work, that’s three hours both ways!

One day one of her coworkers offered to drive Linda home and realized what lengths she goes to, without ever complaining. She knew she wanted to do something special for Linda. So after talking to Linda’s other coworkers, they came up with a plan. They would all chip in to buy Linda her very own car.



Linda’s coworkers pooled their money and were able to get Linda a car and had enough money left to get her new tires and help with the insurance. In the video below you get to see Linda, surrounded by her coworkers, receive this unexpected gift. And when you see the look on Linda’s face you have to smile!



Without family in town and after losing her mom recently, Linda is now surrounded by her new family, her coworkers. God bless these incredible friends and this wonderful woman. Our world could use a lot more stories like this one!

Source: Today Show

If you have someone in your life who keeps their positive spirit through even the toughest times make sure you take the time to tell them how much they mean to you. You never know what a huge difference kind words can make.