Woman Thinks It’s Date Night, Then Finds Out It’s Her Wedding

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Lorenzo Trujillo of Leesburg, Virginia made the bold decision to ambush his girlfriend with a date night turned wedding night. It was either going to be a huge disaster or the best surprise ever. But hey — no guts, no glory, right? And thankfully, Lorenzo’s scheme played out beautifully!

Lorenzo and Jenn are both musicians for the US Army Band. After a two and a half year relationship, the couple knew they were going to get married. In fact, they even picked up a marriage license. They just didn’t have any definite plans, as of yet, for where and when they’d finally tie the knot.

"I really just thought we would go visit the justice of the peace with a couple of friends and do it at the courthouse," said Jenn.

But Lorenzo didn’t think that was good enough. And that’s when he came up with the idea for "Operation Get Hitched."

Operation Get Hitched In Action

Lorenzo enlisted the help of their best friends and neighbors, Allie and Ryan. He took Jenn out under the guise of a fancy date night. But really, the plan all along was to surprise her with her very own wedding!

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Lorenzo told Jenn to buy a new dress and get all dolled up, supposedly for a fancy event to which he’d bought tickets. The ruse worked perfectly. With her future courthouse wedding in mind, Jenn wound up buying a lovely, white dress.

Next, Lorenzo took Jenn out for dinner, where he got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

"I was on pins and needles, because as I was about to propose, I had no control over anything back at the house," he said. "I was so nervous that it might not work."

Naturally, Jenn said “yes.” Which brought Lorenzo to the next part of his plan.

Date Night Turned Wedding

While Lorenzo was out popping the question, Allie and Ryan were back at their house, setting the stage for the surprise wedding. With dinner complete, Lorenzo acted as though he’d accidentally left the event tickets at Allie and Ryan’s house.

Jenn didn’t think much of it until they arrived at their neighbor’s house. As they came up the stairs, Jenn noticed twinkle lights. Next, Allie handed Jenn a bouquet and then she spotted a photographer.

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Suddenly, it all clicked.

"I looked at Lorenzo and said, ‘Wait?! Are we really doing this right now?! How did you do this?! Is this really happening?!" she said.

Wedding Bliss

There, before 20 of their closest friends, the couple said their vows and became man and wife.

The incredible surprise was all caught on camera, thanks to Saint Elmo Photography. While everyone who knew the groom’s secret plans hoped for the best, Lorenzo wasn’t the only one a bit nervous about the outcome.

"My initial reaction when he told what he was going to do was, ‘Oh, boy' but I was optimistic," the photographer said. "That night, they both looked happy and ready to marry each other. Jenn is just full of fun and spontaneity so it was perfect."

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And Jenn agrees.

“For me, it was the most perfect thing. Every ounce of it was perfect,” she said. “He [Lorenzo] likes to make memories,” she said. “He definitely made a good one this time.”

Planning a date night turned wedding is certainly some pretty risky business. But "Operation Get Hitched" was a huge success!

And we certainly wish this beautiful couple a lifetime of wedded bliss!

h/t: Huffington Post

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