Mom Thinks a Donny Osmond Birthday Video Is Her Big Surprise, But Then She Turns Around

donny osmond birthday video

This mom thought she was getting a Donny Osmond birthday video from her family, but she got so much more than that.

She was turning 60, and her family had a fantastic surprise, captured on a TikTok video.

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She Started Watching Her Donny Osmond Birthday Video

The clip begins with Mom, the birthday girl, sitting in a chair and watching a video on her phone. It’s a birthday message from her celebrity crush, Donny Osmond.

Donny Osmond is a singer, dancer, actor, television host, and former teen idol. He first came onto the scene as part of the group the Osmonds, with four of his brothers. In the early 1970s, he began his solo career. He also gained popularity in the 1970s with the Donny and Marie show he hosted with his sister Marie.

The text on the video states, “My mom has always been a HUGE Donny Osmond fan.” At this point, Donny is kneeling behind her chair.

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Surprise, It’s Donny

Mom gets a kick out of the video, laughing hysterically as the text says, “For her 60th bday we surprised her with a personalized bday video from him.” She is so focused on the Donny Osmond birthday video that she overlooks the actual Donny Osmond, who is right behind her.

Donny then calls her name, “Shirley.” She turned around and got the biggest surprise of her life. She stands up, and Donny gives her a big hug. Everyone in the room is so excited.

He Really Was So Kind

In an answer to one of the comments on the TikTok video, the creator says, “He really was so kind!! He took the time to ask each of our family members names, and spent a good amount of time with us. He listened so intently to my mom when she talked to him. So genuine.”

Shirley says in another video that she has loved Donny since she was 12. He surprises her even more by letting her know he wants to fly down with her and have dinner before one of the shows she has already booked. What a dream come true!

Shirley’s granddaughter asks Donny for a hug, he gives it and talks about how he was the singing voice of Li Shang in the movie Mulan.

One thing is for sure, her family certainly nailed this birthday surprise.

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A celebrity doing something nice for a fan always warms the heart. Donny definitely fills that role, helping Shirley have a wonderful birthday and bringing joy to her family and friends.

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