Video Of Triplets Arriving Via C-Section Shared By Mom In Honor Of 1st Birthday

video of triplets c-section birth jessica watts

When Jessica Watts and her spouse Will Avery decided to add a second child to the family, they got an unexpected blessing of three. So, in honor of their first birthday, the mom-of-four shared a video of the triplets and the heartwarming moment they arrived via c-section!

Heartwarming Short Story Of Becoming A Mom-Of-Four

When Jessica and Will of the UK decided it was time to give their 4-year-old son, Billy, a sibling, they were in for a huge surprise. The first ultrasound took place around 7-weeks, just before they headed off for vacation.

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“We went along to the scan, thinking we’d just see this one little baby we’d been dreaming about, but we were in for a real shock,” Jessica recalled.

Even though twins run on both sides of their family, the couple never imagined they might have multiples. But that first checkup revealed an unexpected blessing.

video of triplets c-section birth jessica watts

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“When we were told we were having triplets neither of us could talk, we were gobsmacked,” Jessica Watts (29) explained. “We kept repeating: ‘Three, triplets? Are you sure?’ as the sonographer kept the scanner on my belly showing us three heartbeats fluttering.”

Will even thought Jessica might be playing some kind of practical joke on him!

But the ultrasound video of couple’s naturally conceived triplets was no joke.

Unexpected Triplets Arrive And Continue To Be A Blessing

It took a bit for little Billy (then 3 years old) to understand what this meant. But Jessica said as her bump got bigger, he was (and still is) so proud to be getting 3 siblings at once.

Jessica battled through some pretty intense morning sickness but otherwise had a pleasant pregnancy. Her three angels came into the world in March at 34 weeks, changing things for this family forever.

As you can see from the video, the triplets were delivered via c-section. The two boys, Sonny and Sidney actually shared the same sac and weighed 6.54 pounds. Their sister, Betsy, followed, weighing 6.55 pounds.

video of triplets c-section birth jessica watts

Credit: SWNS

The family adjusted quickly to having 3 more little ones in the home. Billy remains a proud older brother.

“Billy is an amazing big brother,” Jessica says. “He helps and plays with them. He’s a star!”

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And even though they are triplets, Jessica says each child has their own, unique personality.

“Sonny is very laid back and is the biggest out of the three – he likes to be around other children,” she explains. “Sidney is a mummy’s boy loves cuddling and having one to one time. And Betsy likes her own space – she’s a typical girl and doesn’t like being mothered and squeals if they touch her or try and pinch her bows.”

Mom Shares Video Of Triplets’ Arrival On Birthday

The first year with Sonny, Sidney, and Betsy flew by. And in honor of their first birthday, Jessica decided to share the incredible video from their c-section delivery.

If they thought the news they were having triplets was emotional, seeing them for the first time was like nothing the couple could even imagine!

As the doctors start delivering the triplets, you can hear Will remark, “Oh they’re gorgeous”. And looking back on the video now, the proud parents still get overwhelmed with joy.

“I’m so happy we managed to capture the moment they arrived in the world on video to look back on,” Jessica said. “It was an emotional time.”

In addition to sharing the video of the triplets in their honor, the family plans to go to the zoo to celebrate the triplets’ birthday. And they are looking forward to continued happiness with their little blessings.

video of triplets c-section birth jessica watts

Credit: SWNS

“It was an incredible surprise to find out we were expecting triplets,” Jessica says, “And they’ve brought so much love and laughter to our lives since their arrival.”

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The way God designed a mother’s body is truly amazing. What a miracle!

WATCH: Video Of Triplets Arriving Via C-Section (may be too graphic for some audiences)

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