Should We Cancel Father’s Day?

Why is it so hard to admit we NEED our fathers?

I recently read an article from a priest, Robert McTeigue, who pondered on how it used to be that if you wanted to annoy someone, you'd just say, "Merry Christmas!" He goes on to reflect that these days if you REALLY want to get someone upset, you just say, "Happy Father's Day."

He recently shared a story from someone close to him that really hit me hard, and I just had to share it with you!

"Rant for today.

I want to publicly thank my husband for being one of the most loving, compassionate and dedicated fathers I know.

Today I helped out in the oldest of my two daughters' first grade class while the kids were making cards and filling out questionnaires about their dads for Father’s Day. Out of 29 kids, about 7 could do it without help or getting upset.

The poor teacher had to go through questions like ‘Well, how often do you see your dad? Is there an uncle who helps? Well, does your mom have a friend? Is it a man?'

As I helped the kids fill out the sheets there were SO many who obviously had poor relationships with their dads, if any at all. So many children wouldn’t check the box for ‘Dad hugs me' or ‘Dad plays with me.' 3 of the kids were shaking and teary eyed.

I am overwhelmed with sadness. My husband doesn’t have a 9-5 job. I’ve seen this man come home to have supper with his family, put the girls to bed, go BACK to work and then get up after a few hours to have breakfast with us and take them to school. He’s left meetings to go to a reading of the children's book, ‘Stone Soup'. He’s seen the movie ‘Frozen' 700 times. He’s had bows in his hair, glitter on his nails and has made cardboard armor.

I got on my knees in gratitude.

Men, please understand how important you are. Kids NEED BOTH of their parents!! Be loving! Be involved!!

I was heartbroken. When I told my husband he cried too. I did not expect that so many cultures have inactive dads.

One mom said to me ‘Well shame on the school for bringing out an activity that would be hurtful to the kids' and I said ‘NO! Shame on US for allowing our culture to have broken families!'

I’m gonna go squeeze my kids and write my husband a love note.

Rant done."


The priest goes on to say, “We must engage our hearts, so that we may pray for and love men-as-men and their indispensable gift of full fatherhood. It is not enough to love and pray for the ideal of masculinity and fatherhood; we must learn to love and pray for the real men and fathers in our lives — men who are always flawed and incomplete, who nonetheless have been called to a heroic life of leadership, service and sacrifice.”

This Father's Day is June 21. Let's make this a day that we pray for mercy and blessings for all our fathers. Let's THANK our fathers, no matter how imperfect they may be (because we are ALL imperfect, after all). Let's show our daughters what they should look for in a man and remind our sons of what a noble calling it is to earn the title, "Father." Let's do all of these things, while there is still time.


credit: Aleteia

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