Missing Cat Returned Home After Being Gone For So Long

It is so sad when a pet goes missing but there is no better feeling than when they return home. And this incredible reunion is one for the books.

The family had a black and white cat named, "Gunther" who they dearly loved. One day Gunther got out and they could not find him. He never returned home. They were so afraid that he died they gave up hope that he would ever come back home.

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They were so devastated until one day, they had a surprise waiting for them when they came home. Early that day, the kid's mom heard a few "meows" coming from the front door. She opened it to find that it was Gunther, their precious cat. She was so excited and she knew that the kids will be just as, if not more, ecstatic!

When the kids walked in the house there were meows coming from the living room. They looked in the living room and completely froze in their tracks. It was Gunther, laying right there on the living room couch! They could not believe it and even questioned their parents in disbelief. "Who is that?", the little boy said. And their faces lit up when their dad chuckled and confirmed that it was Gunther.

They were so excited and ran over to welcome their cat back home. They gave him huge hugs and pats. It was so precious. They could not stop crying and giggling. They were so happy.

WATCH: Missing Cat Returned Home

Credit: Facebook/Rm Videos

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