Twin HGTV Hosts Were Fired For Their Beliefs. What They Did Next Might Surprise You!

Standing Up For JESUS. . . Whatever the Cost

Will you defend your beliefs…whatever the cost?

Will you openly speak about your faith in God even if it meant your job? The election? Your friends?

Your life?

We live in a world that challenges us daily on what we believe in and what we STAND for. These brothers were fired. . .all because they STOOD UP FOR JESUS.

Jason and David Benham are twin brothers who found themselves at the center of a fire-storm over their biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality. The Benhams were hired by HGTV to host a real estate / do-it-yourself TV program. But when comments they made about their beliefs were misinterpreted, they were promptly fired over their convictions. The show was canceled.

Upset that they had been misunderstood, the brothers decided to hold a dinner party at their home and invited GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation), Right Wing Watch, and Human Rights Campaign supporters–but no one came. Their objective was to merely open a discussion and treat others as God would have them – with respect.

"We tell folks, ‘Don't open your mouth to speak until you first truly love the people you're speaking to,'" Jason Benham added, pushing back against the "false narrative" that he and his brothers are "haters."

The Benham brothers also openly discuss their work ethic as it relates to how they pay themselves. In order to build a successful business, they "lived off hardly anything" is how they described their lifestyle as the company was underway.

When asked what brought them such monumental success, both brothers credited their faith, noting that they were "raised to be biblical thinkers." Jason added, "The principles outlined in the Bible is what brought us to success."

The duo further addressed the controversy that erupted over their Christian views, noting that much of what was said about them was taken out of context. And based on their experience and what they see happening in society today, the Benhams said that they have fears about the current state of freedom of expression in America.

"Now is the first time, really in our nation's history in terms of being a Christian, where you're losing your job, you're being called a hate-filled bigot, and I'm sure that that's happened in the past," David Benham said. "But to the extent that it's happening now, we've never seen this before in America."

Hence, the book. Which was in the ‘works’ long before the two were fired from HGTV.

"We started writing the book about two years ago. We had already experienced business success, and a lot of folks were asking us, ‘Hey, can you write down your business principles and all of those things?'" they explained.

But then the TV network came along and wanted to give the brothers a show - a prospect that they were excited to partner with HGTV on.

"But then, no sooner did we publish the book, they fired us. There was the lesson," he said. "And what we learned is that you have to live your faith whatever the cost."

Jason Benham added that he believes it's important to realize how spiritual warfare works.

"What we have discovered, through our own personal stories ... is that when the devil wants to get somebody going in the wrong direction, he's going to try to scare you away, or he's going to try to lure you away," he said. "So, he's going to come at you, and he's going to tell you, ‘Hey, be quiet. Don't... speak about the issues of the day'... and he'll get you so worried about perception."

But the Benham brothers said that they weren't willing to be silenced and have continued to stand up for their values - and they argue in "Whatever the Cost" that they believe others - including pastors, business leaders, and politicians - should follow suit.

"Think about some of our political leaders. Why won't they take a stand? They have too much to lose. Think about pastors. Why won't some of them take a stand? You have too much to lose," David Benham said. "Why won't business leaders take a stand? You have too much to lose."

He continued, "At one point in our nation's history, we had statesmen that stood and based their political views upon principles that were unchanging. Today, we have politicians that base their views on the ever-changing tides of the political climate."

David Benham concluded, "Jesus loves all people, but he does not love all ideas."

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