Hot Air Balloon Made With An Enormous Face Of Jesus Smiling

RISEN balloon goes Up, Up and Away!

Geoff Turner, owner and pilot for Sky Sail Balloons, has created an enormous hot air balloon of Jesus smiling. This beautiful display will take to the western New York skies this Easter season. What a creative way to celebrate the season!

Luke 24: 34 teaches us, “The Lord has risen indeed!”

The balloon appropriately named “RISEN!” will be 80-feet-tall and have a volume of 105,000 cubic feet, being constructed from more than 2,000 square yards of fabric. WOW-That’s big!

“It will be as large as three average sized homes in volume, and held aloft by dual propane burners each capable of generating as much heat as 600 gas grills, over 35 million BTU combined,” per Sky Sails Balloons.

It also has nearly a mile of “seat belt like” reinforcement webbing. The steel and rattan basket is capable of carrying up to 4 passengers in addition to the pilot.

The idea came to Turner as “What better, more warm-hearted, friendly way might people be introduced to Christ and the Good News, than with a Hot Air Balloon featuring this iconic artwork.”

Once completed, the balloon will be available for events by Christian organizations – provided the group believes in the Holy Bible and the event itself does not advance any unbiblical ideas or values.

Good for you, Sky Sail Balloons!

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Featured Image Credit: Youtube