Boy Belts Out the Lyrics for ‘You Are The Reason’ at Parents’ Vow Renewal & Everyone Is in Tears

lyrics to you are the reason

In a sweet moment sure to have you reaching for the tissues, a boy sings the lyrics from ‘You Are The Reason’ by Calum Scott at his parent’s vow renewal ceremony.

One child had a tough time keeping it together while singing at a special ceremony and he wasn't the only one who shed a few tears.

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Weddings are often emotional occasions. They are beautiful and memorable moments when two people come before friends, family, and God to exchange sacred vows. Both agree to stay with one another through the good times and the bad, through sickness and in health. So, it’s understandable why some may brush a few tears away.

A young man had to wipe away the tears several times while singing the lyrics from Calum Scott's "You Are The Reason" at his parent's vow renewal ceremony.

Son’s Heartwarming Serenade At Vow Renewal

In the video posted on TikTok, the little guy is decked out in a tuxedo as he stands a few feet behind the happy couple, who stand holding hands, gazing at one another. The young man does not even make it 30 seconds into his performance before he's overcome with emotions, taking a finger to his eye.

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Seconds later, the talented singer, once again, wipes away tears. He does it several more times as he looks at the husband and wife, who stand prepared to renew their wedding vows.

By the first minute of the three-minute video, the young man has pulled it together enough to make it through the rest of the song. However, tears continue to stream down his face.

The child isn't the only person who sheds a few tears as he sings the lyrics to ‘You Are The Reason.’ The man takes a handkerchief to his wife's eyes. He then does the same to himself.

What a touching moment showing a young man who recognized and was moved by the beautiful display of love between the two.

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In addition to emotion, the young man showed he has been blessed with a dazzling singing voice.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor your father and your mother: that your days may be long on the land which the Lord your God gives you."

WATCH: Son Honors Parents By Singing Lyrics To ‘You Are The Reason’


My son singing at our vow renewal 🥰

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