Marine Meets His Son For The First Time In The Sweetest Homecoming

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Gavin Harding recently joined the Marines and left for his training. When he returned home, a nice surprise was waiting for him. His fiancé, Melissa gave birth to their little baby boy while he was away. It was such a sweet homecoming for this new marine and new dad!

One of the most special events in a man's life is when his first child is born. For most U.S. Marines, they miss that event when they are training or deployed. But it is the sweetest moment when they get to meet their babies for the first time.

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That was the case with Gavin Harding. He left for his Marines training while his fiancé' was seven months pregnant with their first child. While he was away, she gave birth to their precious, baby boy. Gavin is returning home two months after the baby is born and he is meeting his son, William for the first time.

He is so filled with emotion and anticipation. This is one of the most significant homecomings for him. He is finally seeing his son and will marry Melissa right before he leaves for more training.

As soon as Melissa saw him, she ran up to him, with their baby boy in her arms. She was so excited to see him and could not contain her emotion! Gavin could not hold his composure either! He completely lost it! The both of them held each other as they broke out in tears. After what felt like an extremely long and anxious wait, their little family is finally reunited.

WATCH: New Marine’s Sweet Homecoming

Credit: Youtube/Inside Edition

Source: Youtube/Inside Edition

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