Mother Is Sweetly Singing to Her Son and It Has the Emotional Baby Boy in Tears

mother singing to son and it brings him to tears

As a mother is singing to her son, something unexpected happens. The boy, who is still just a baby, is moved to tears by his mother’s serenade! Be sure to grab the tissues for this emotional clip!

Children, like everyone else, want love, attention and to know that they matter to someone. Love and kindness may be the things they need most in life. That is especially true for babies because they depend on others for survival.

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A clip posted on YouTube shows how much a baby adores and appreciates his mother and her singing. In the short clip, the camera faces the young man who sits in a chair as his mother sings to him.

Mother Singing To Son Brings On The Tears

With just one look at the baby's eyes, it's clear how much he loves his mom. As the mother is singing to her baby son, he cannot take his eyes off her. He has a look of total and complete love and admiration. She is his entire world.

It's a look that would instantly melt every parent's heart!

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The mother begins singing to her son, and the child's lower lip immediately curls up, and his eyes start to well up with tears. But the youngster is not upset, scared or unhappy.

The baby’s emotional reaction is one of happiness and love. At about the 15-second mark of the clip, the young man begins smiling at the woman serenading him.

With text placed on the bottom of the screen, the woman apologizes for her singing voice but adds that she's going to keep singing anyway. She loves her son's reaction to her singing to him.

What mother wouldn’t love that look?

"His reaction to me singing!!!! I literally can't! Excuse my voice, he loves it and that's what matters!" the text reads.

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Right before the clip ends, the woman tells the emotional child, "I love you."

Proverbs 22:6 "If a child is trained up in the right way, even when he is old he will not be turned away from it."

WATCH: Mother Singing To Son Gets Her Baby Boy All Emotional

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