Big Sister Feels Baby Kicks During Mom’s Pregnancy And Has The Sweetest Reaction

baby kicks during pregnancy

Pregnant mom, Jenn, films 3-year-old Jordy as the baby kicks during pregnancy. And Jordy’s precious reaction to her baby brother’s movements is a must-see!

Jordynn is a TikTok-famous 3-year-old that can't help stealing the hearts of viewers. Don't worry — it's not actually her account! Jenn films the cutest videos of her toddler to upload. Her account name is ‘Jenn & Jordy.' This mommy-daughter duo is too cute!

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Little Jordy went viral about a year ago when her mom ate her piece of fruit, and she had another adorable reaction. All she did was express her frustration and surprise by exclaiming, "ah!" and leaving her mouth open like ‘mommy I can't believe you did that!'

From that moment on, the internet was in love with her. Their account has almost a million followers!

Jordy Reacts To Baby Kick’s During Mom’s Pregnancy

In this video, Jenn is 34 weeks pregnant and ready to meet her baby boy. And Jordy can't wait either! Jordynn had her hand on her mommy's pregnancy tummy when baby brother kicks so hard you could see it. The toddler pulled her hand back, gasped, and smiled as she said, "I see him very hard!"

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Jenn then told her little girl that baby was hurting her because he's kicking so hard. Precious little Jordy got close to the bump and said, "Baby say sorry to mommy!" Good for her! This 3-year-old already has some solid morals!

Of course, Jenn let her know that baby brother is not hurting her on purpose.

Jordynn then goes to ‘tap' her belly and asks if that's okay. Jenn tells her to be gentle so Jordynn rubs her tiny hand in circles on her mommy's bump. Apparently, Jordy needed some clarification. She asked, "Tap tap tap?" Jenn said to just rub.

Jenn doesn't need to be any more uncomfortable than she already is at 34-weeks pregnant! Good thing Jordy understands!

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We are praying for a safe and easy delivery for the family's new baby boy.

WATCH: Baby Kicks During Pregnancy And Big Sister Reacts

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