Man Stomps Feet and Sings Happy Dog Music, Starting an Online Trend That’s Too Good to Miss

happy dog music

There will NEVER be too many videos of dogs online, and some of the current best doggy videos have the viral happy dog music to intensify the cuteness!

The loving owner of an adorable Golden Retriever came up with the happy dog tune while filming his pup rolling around on the floor. Luckily for us, the internet used his jingle to create the ‘happy dog trend.'

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The TikTok user with the account name ‘DJ Moody' captioned his original video with "who else makes up dumb songs and sings them to their dog?" I think all dog owners have HAD to do this at least once!

Happy Dog Music Goes Viral

The sound of his feet stomping on the hardwood floor with the simple, impromptu lyrics make for the perfect jingle to show the wholesome puppies of the world. The original video and happy dog music are below.


Songs to sing to ya dog. ##fyp ##dog ##dogsoftiktok ##quarantine ##goldenretriever ##happydog

♬ original sound – DJ Moody

What could possibly be more wholesome than these lyrics?

"Look at my hap, hap, happy guy

Oh just a happy happy happy guy

Oh just look at the hap, hap, happy dog

Oh just a happy happy happy dog"

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The original happy dog music plays in the background of thousands upon thousands of happy dog videos. Getting this audio stuck in your head is worth it thanks to the adorable doggies!

Once the ‘happy dog' trend circled its way around TikTok, the videos started getting even cuter, which I didn't think was possible. You can see dogs prancing, hopping, and even jumping to the beat. The little guy in Sirena's video can't seem to keep his back end down!



♬ original sound – DJ Moody

These pups, along with every other ‘happy guy,' are truly a blessing.

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We don't deserve dogs but thank God for these angels on earth!

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