Things Were Going So Well in a Short Message for Grandparents, Then 1 Little Boy Went Rogue

short message for grandparents funny video

A mom hit record as her two young sons recited a short message for their grandparents. But things went hilariously off-track as one of the boys decided to ad-lib rather than follow the script!

There’s one thing you can count on in this world. Kids, much like life, are unscripted.

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And one mom in the UK experienced this first hand as she filmed her two sons recording a short message for their grandparents!

Little Boy Goes Rogue

One mom in London decided to record her two little boys reciting a short message for their grandparents during the lockdown caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

The idea was to check in and wish “Granny and Granddad” well. And presumably, the boys and their mom had agreed upon what would be said in the video. As the camera starts rolling, the pajama-clad boys are saying the same thing in unison.

“I love you, Granny and Granddad. I hope you’re feeling good,” they say together.

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However, things shift rather quickly after that!

The second grandson, who appears to be a bit younger, stares off distractedly and just starts making mumbling noises. You can tell he’s no longer on board with the scripted message for his grandparents. And you can practically see the wheels turning in that little head!

I’m sure at this point, mom was probably thinking, “Oh no! What’s going to come out?”

Suddenly, the sweet boy pulls his attention back to the camera. So much for the script — he’s going to blurt out with what he wants to say. And as you might imagine with one so young, it’s hilarious! See what the cute boy said in the video below.

WATCH: Short Message For Grandparents Goes Hilariously Off-Script

The mother of these two precious boys got quite a chuckle out of the impromptu declaration. So, she decided to share the funny video online.

“It was meant to be a sweet message from my sons to my parents, their grandparents who live in Scotland as we wanted to check up on them,” she explained. “But it made me laugh so much, I wanted to share it with friends and extended family so I put it online.”

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The short message for their grandparents might not have turned out exactly how mom planned, but the smile it brought to so many faces after going viral just goes to show most of life’s best moments are unscripted!

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