Whisper Pregnancy Announcement Confuses Grandparents

Whisper Challenge Pregnancy Announcement Nellie And Bryce

The ‘whisper challenge’ is taking the internet by storm. The idea is that one person listens to very loud music so they can’t hear anything else, while the other person whispers a sentence and the person wearing the headphones has to guess what that sentence is. The challenge has since been used for pregnancy announcements, proposals and surprises of all kinds!

When YouTubers Nellie and Bryce found out they were pregnant they couldn’t wait to share the news with their parents. And they So they started planning the surprise. They decided to use the whisper challenge to tell Nellie’s parents they were becoming grandparents. Nellie’s parents love watching the couple’s vlogs on their YouTube channel and were happy to help when the couple asked them to play the whisper challenge for a video.

credit: youtube.com

First Nellie and Bryce took a turn trying to guess a funny phrase Nellie’s mom came up with. And after a few minutes of fun, it was the unsuspecting grandparents’ turn. They got all set up and made sure that Nellie’s folks couldn’t hear a thing other than the loud music. That’s when they started saying their secret phrase “In March I’m going to be a grandparent.”

credit: youtube.com

Watch as these grandparents-to-be try to guess the clue. It takes them a while to figure it out, but what fun it is watching them play.

When they finally figure it out as Nellie slides the pregnancy test across the table you can see the joy wash over them. What an incredible reaction from this very excited grandparents-to-be. This sweet baby is going to be so incredibly loved. Congratulations to this adorable family!

Credit: The Jurgys