Surprise Egg Turns Into Pregnancy Announcement

godupdates pregnancy reveal for siblings

One of the most exciting moments is when parents announce to their kids that they are having another baby. It is even more exciting when they share the news through a creative pregnancy reveal.

David and Jessica have a special surprise for their three children. They wanted to do a pregnancy reveal in a fun way and they used a candy egg to announce the big surprise. The parents took out their video camera to record the moment. They gave their three children Elia, Jonah, and Rebbeka each a Kinder egg to unwrap.

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The kids lined up right next to each other and kneeled down at the coffee table right in front of their candy eggs. Rebbeka led her brothers in a countdown to three and they raced to get to the inside of the candy as fast as they could!

They stuffed their mouths with the chocolate until they got to a special note inside. One of the boys got to it first and read it out loud, "We are having a baby!". He got so excited and ran around the room and kept yelling, "Mom is having a baby!".

Once his siblings caught on to the surprise and they knew it was not a joke, they could not stop smiling. They were so overwhelmed by emotion, that they even began to cry tears of joy! What a fun announcement!

WATCH: Pregnancy Reveal With Candy Egg

Credit: Rumble/Carters_news

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