6 Reasons Why Raising Kids Near Their Grandparents Is The Best Gift They’ll Ever Get

The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is such a special bond. We’re sure that grandparents already know the joy they feel from being around their grandkids. And there are a lot of great benefits for the grandkids, too, obviously! Here are several reasons why raising grandchildren near their grandparents is probably the best gift you could ever give them.

1. Grandparents Provide Stable, Loving Childcare

Having grandparents nearby means that you have trusted childcare at your fingertips. And it doesn't just help parents out but is beneficial to the grandparents as well. Studies show that grandparents who frequently babysit tend to live longer than those who don't. Researchers concluded that the reason for this is "the mental stimulation and the feeling of being needed that grandparents who watch their grandkids tend to experience compared to those who don't." And with grandparents living longer because of their childcare role, this, in turn, will lead to your kids getting to enjoy more years in the company of their grandparents!

2. Kids Have Higher Emotional Intelligence

When children spend a lot of time with their grandparents, this can lead to them growing their emotional intelligence or EQ. Your EQ is an important trait that kids pick up over time. Kindness, patience, and empathy are just a few characteristics that your kids learn by observing those they spend time with. And "having your children spend time with their grandparents can help them drastically improve their emotional understanding." A study at Pace University actually found that "adults who were close to their grandparents as kids had higher EQs as adults."

3. Grandparent Bond Reduces Chance of Depression in Kids

Research has also shown that "kids who have developed a strong emotional bond with their grandma and grandpa have far lower rates of depression in adulthood than those who don't develop that bond."

4. Kids With A Close Relationship To Their Grandparents Do Better In School

Another benefit of having grandparents nearby is that children who "have strong relationships with their grandparents are more likely to stay out of trouble and have better performance in school."

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5. Raising Grandchildren Near Grandparents Provides Voice of Reason

An additional reason on this list as to why having your kids live near their grandparents is just the best is because sometimes they can be a voice of reason. When kids are growing up, they seem to not want to listen to what their parents have to say. But grandparents can break through to them and use their past parenting experience to connect and advise their grandchildren.

6. Grandparents Can Influence Spiritual Growth

The last reason on this list as to why it’s helpful for your kids to be raised near their grandparents is that grandparents can influence your children’s faith. Going to church with grandma and grandpa, having them pray with their grandchildren, reading Bible stories together — all are great ways that grandparents help strengthen their grandchildren’s faith!

We hope that you enjoyed learning about how having grandparents nearby investing in your kids is such a valuable gift you can give your children! Check out the video below to see an adorable grandson and his grandma bonding together over shared laughs!

WATCH: Funny Grandson Brings Joy to Grandma

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