Kevin Bacon And His Daughter Dancing Went Viral And Now, The 2 Are At It Again

kevin bacon and his daughter dancing

A clip of Kevin Bacon and his daughter dancing had hearts melting all over the world. And when the two sat down to sing a song together, folks loved it just as much!

Movie and television stars Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick have posted dances a few times on social media. But this time, Kevin Bacon dances with his daughter, and their performance is adorable!

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Kevin and Kyra’s Daughter is 32 Year Old Sosie

Kevin and Kyra, who live between Los Angeles, New York, and Sharon, Connecticut, have one of the most enduring marriages in the entertainment industry. Married in September 1988, when Kevin was 30 and Kyra was just 23, the beloved couple has raised two kids during their 35-year marriage. Both performers, Travis (34) is a musician, and Sosie (32) is an actress.

Following the 2022 release of Meghan Trainor's "Made You Look," fans took to TikTok in droves to imitate Ms. Trainor's moves. Sosie Bacon wanted to join the challenge and drafted Dad Kevin to help!

WATCH: Sweet Video Of Kevin Bacon and His Daughter Dancing

Kevin Bacon was humble when he spoke with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show about dancing with his daughter. He said that Sosie could master the choreography "in like five minutes," while it took him hours to get it right. Fans of Footloose will find that hard to believe!

Sosie Sent Kevin TikTok Dance Tutorials

Nonetheless, the 65-year-old actor went on to tell Jimmy, "The last time I've worked that hard, now that I think about it, on a dance, was when you asked me to come in and recreate the Footloose dance on this show."

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With the help of TikTok tutorials sent to Kevin by Sosie, he executed every move perfectly! Kevin's willingness to learn the dance demonstrates his love for his girl-and family, in general. Kevin and Kyra have worked with both of their adult kids on projects, and they value those opportunities. Kevin shared, "The proudest accomplishment of my life is my children. Being a parent [means] bringing them up and trying to teach them and have them learn by example to be good, decent, compassionate, hardworking people."

Kevin and Sosie Also Sang Together

If you thought the video of Kevin Bacon and his daughter dancing was sweet, you definitely want to see what they've been up to since then!

Kevin and Sosie sat and sang together, doing Beyoncé's "II Most Wanted." Kevin played the guitar this time, which may have been an easier assignment. The two tweaked the lyrics a bit for a father-daughter version. And, once again, they are precious together! It's evident that there is a ton of love between the two and a healthy dose of humor!

Kevin and Kyra have put family first, and it shows in their relationships with one another!

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"Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them." Deuteronomy 4:9

WATCH: Kevin Bacon And His Daughter Dancing Went Viral And Now, The 2 Are At It Again

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