A Dying Father Shows His Daughter Love Through Napkin Notes

A father’s love is forever!

Garth, a 44-year old father was diagnosed with cancer for the third time. Leaving him with very little hope or time.

Instead of dwelling on what he can’t control, he continues his daily ritual of writing notes to his daughter, Emma on napkins. His words offer her encouragement, strength, hope and most importantly, LOVE. He’s been doing this since Emma was in the 2nd grade.

But, now that time is something he’s short of, he’s committed to writing AHEAD her daily notes totaling 826 ˜napkin notes” that will carry her through high school. Isn’t that amazing? What a true expression of love!

It brings Garth comfort, too, knowing his little girl will be reading these notes and thinking about him for years to come. His hope is that his words of encouragement will make her smile.

While it can’ completely take away the pain of losing your dad, he also hopes his words will keep her company after he’s gone.

While we yearn to know and stay close to our earthly fathers, we have a heavenly Father who is there everyday waiting patiently to hear from us. Call out to God – daily. Or better yet…write him a ‘napkin note’!


Featured Image Credit: Getty Images