Beautiful Father Of The Bride Speech At Reception Is So Emotional It Went Viral

father of the bride speech at reception

When Eric Lane gave his father of the bride speech at the reception, he opened up about sitting by his daughter’s hospital bed following a terrible accident. And his words were so powerful, the video received over 3 million views just on TikTok!

“My name is Eric Lane, I am the father of the bride,” Eric begins.

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His daughter, Audra, recently married her husband, Chad, in Indiana. And Eric shared a touching story about what his daughter has overcome.

Father Of The Bride Speech Brings On Tears

“For some of you that don’t know she had a pretty terrible accident in 2008 during that she spent 8 days in the ICU at Riley Hospital," the father shared. “She had a litany of injuries and I’m not going to read them all off but one of them was a broken collar bone that was probably the least thing she had.”

“There was also a chest tube that was sticking in her lungs at that time and what we found out was that if old dad would just sit there and put his hand on her heart it relieved enough pressure that she could be comfortable and rest,” Eric explained. "So, I spent a number of hours just sitting there with my hand on her heart taking the pressure off and allowing the chest tube to not press up against the collarbone.”

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Then, to concludes his father of the bride speech, Eric shares how this story is symbolic of his marriage advice for the newlywed couple.

“Chad, it’s your turn. You get to put your hand on her heart," Eric said. "I thought it was a very good symbolism for what you get to experience now in that you get to take care of her heart. You’re not going to outlove her and she can’t outlove you. The two of you can only love each other.”

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What a beautiful message of love, and what an incredible bond between a father and his daughter! No wonder this moment was such a tearjerker at the wedding! May God bless this newlywed couple and their union.

WATCH: Emotional Father Of The Bride Speech At Reception

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