Father Daughter Wedding Dance Has The Whole Crowd Cheering

godupdates daddy-daughter dance

It is this brides wedding day, and it is time for the daddy-daughter dance. This bride and her daddy hit the dance floor, ready to share a memorable moment.

Most brides love to do a traditional slow-dance or waltz, but this bride wanted to make the moment a little fun. You can tell that the wedding was a fun country theme. Her daddy was all dressed up in his cowboy hat and his cowboy boots.

The bride and her father start off their dance to the song "My Girl" by the Temptations. They are locked arms, swaying back and forth. The song is a little upbeat, so they are already beaming, smiling ear to ear.

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But after the chorus of the song was over, the music stops and the record scratches and transitions into a mash-up of music hits. And the bride and her daddy begin to show off their dance moves. They put together the cutest dance choreography and the guests loved it!

They are cheering them on and doing familiar dance movies right along with them. Everyone got excited whenever the music changed to a song they knew. They were having a good time!

You can tell that they are a fun lovin' pair and dad is just having a blast trying to keep up with his baby girl! They did such an amazing job. This daddy-daughter dance definitely one that will go down in the books.

WATCH: Bride Surprise’s Wedding Guest During Daddy-Daughter Dance

Credit: Rumble/mkoop7

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