Bride Brings Her Dad To Tears With A Heartfelt Surprise

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Bride’s heartfelt surprise for her dad during their father-daughter dance at her wedding reception you cannot miss. He did not suspect a thing and melted into a big ball of tears.

A wedding day is full of sentimental and breath-taking moments. But the father-daughter dance is one of the most emotional moments of them all. It is usually the only time a bride can set aside to have an uninterrupted moment with her dad right after becoming a newly-wed.

A father is the first man in a woman's life, so the father-daughter dance is always so special. This bride and her daddy are dancing and dancing to Bruce Springsteen’s song, "When You Need Me". They are holding each other very closely as they dance across the dance floor, and it is clearly already an emotional moment.

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While she and her daddy were dancing to the meaningful song, something unexpected happened. Even though the bride selected just the right song, she added a little surprise to make it perfect. She added a little surprise to the song that helped sum up how much her daddy means to her.

The song was interrupted by a voice-over of the bride singing when she was a little girl. Her daddy turns into a complete softy and melts in her arms as he hears her 3-year-old voice. "I love you. You love me. We are one big family". He breaks down into full-blown tears.

It was such a sweet moment. He was so moved and could not stop crying the rest of the dance. And his daughter was right there holding him and wiping away his happy tears. It was a sweet reminder to her daddy that she would also be his little girl. And I’ve got to say that I too was in tears after seeing this incredible moment. Who else was in tears?

WATCH: Bride Surprise Dad During Their Father-Daughter Dance

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