Grieving Dad Got A Surprise Letter and Now The Tears Are Flowing

godupdates grieving dad got a surprise

"A dog is a man's best friend" isn't just a phrase for this family. The had two dogs named Nemo and Lucy who they loved so much, but sadly they passed away. Things were just not the same without having a dog around. It was sad for the family, especially their dad who was still grieving the loss of his furry friends.

His heart was still so broken from having to say goodbye to his other dogs so for his birthday, his family thought of the perfect gift. His daughter brings him a card and tells him to read it out loud.

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He has no idea what to expect but quickly grabs the card in suspense. He opens the envelope and sees a card that has a picture of an adorable white Bichon Frise that looks exactly like one of the dogs that just passed away.

In shock, he looks away before he opens the card and immediately bursts into tears as he reads the first few lines. He was so overwhelmed that he could not get the rest of it out! His daughter had to read the rest of the card for him.

"Hi, my name is "Lumo". I am a boy Bichon... my mommy bought me to bring joy back into your life".

Right when his daughter finished reading the card, he was presented with a brand-new puppy! The puppy was indeed a boy Bichon Frise, named after the two previous dogs. He could not handle it! He is filled with so much joy, that he can't help but sob while holding his new best friend. What a precious surprise!

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