Bride And Groom Performs A Surprise Riverdance At Their Wedding

Wedding receptions are always so fun and are usually full of exciting surprises! And the guests at this wedding are in for my favorite kind of surprise, a surprise Riverdance!

This beautiful couple is full-time professional lead dancers for an Irish dance group and they wanted to show off their moves at their wedding. They travel the world and perform River dances so why would they not give their wedding guest an amazing show!

The dancing couple choreographed a river dance to perform together at their wedding reception and their guest did not suspect a thing. Even when the music began to play, no one noticed anything until the groom began to dance. As the groom hopped and leaped across the dance floor and everyone gathered around.

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Everyone stood at the edge of the dance floor clapping to the beat of the music. Then right when she was queued, the bride joins her groom on the dance floor. And they dance together in celebration. Everyone loved it!

Then all of a sudden, other party members to their place on the dance floor and joined in. They knew the choreography really well and danced in perfect unison. You can hear everyone cheering and clapping. It was definitely a grand performance. What a night to be remembered!

WATCH: Couple Performs Surprise Riverdance

Credit: Rumble/BobbyMcKeown

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