Bride Sings For Groom At Her Wedding And He Can’t Hold Back His Tears

On her wedding day, this bride decided to sing to her groom at their reception. And everyone was pleasantly surprised!

The time had come at their wedding reception for everyone to give their toasts and speeches. This part is usually a highlight at weddings because everyone loves to hear what the bridal party has to say about the newly wedded couple. It is always the perfect way to put a perfect bow on a perfect night.

At this wedding, the bride has a special surprise for her toast. As the groom was toasting their guests to say thank you for coming, she stood right next to him and was waiting for the moment to share her toast.

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The finally, her groom passed her the microphone and she announced to their wedding guests that she had a very special surprise. She walked away from the head table to grab her guitar and her microphone stand. And then stood in the middle of the dance floor.

The bride begins to sing and play her guitar. She sang her own rendition of the song "Found A Heart" by Emily Hearn. And the sound of her soft, heavenly voice filled the room. She had such a beautiful smile on her face as she strummed the strings of her guitar and sung to the love of her life. She looked so happy and filled with so much joy.

The groom stared back at her in complete awe. He absolutely loved it and gave her a huge hug and kiss when she was done. It was such a special moment on their special day.

WATCH: Bride Sings To Her Groom At Their Wedding

Credit: Rumble/MelAnnieGloria

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