Bride And Groom Have A Special Surprise For The Groom’s Grandma

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Weddings are an exciting time for all involved. And it’s an event you want attended by everyone who is special in your life. Which is exactly why Brian and his bride-to-be, Lauren, were devastated to learn the groom’s grandma wouldn’t be able to make their big day.


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Brian and Lauren weren’t the only ones who were disappointed. 91-year-old Peg had been looking forward to the wedding too. Not only was Brian the first of her grandkids to be wed, but the ceremony was taking place in the same church where Peg herself had been married. Sadly, though, she broke her ankle and there was no way she would be able to make it.

But after saying, “I do,” at the church, the newlyweds came up with the perfect solution. While on their way to the reception, the sweet couple made an impromptu detour to the rehabilitation center where Brian’s grandma was being treated.

Thankfully, they had their photographer, Rachel Nolan of Hello Gorgeous Photography, in tow. And darling Peg was overjoyed by the surprise visit!


Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

If that wasn’t enough to have you reaching for the tissues, it gets even better.

Unaware of the couple’s plans, Peg had wanted to celebrate the special day in her own way. So, she’d put on the dress she’d been planning to wear to the wedding — a touching surprise for Brian and his bride when they arrived. Rachel, the photographer, recalls the beautiful moment, saying,

“There she sat in her wedding outfit thinking of her sweet grandson on his wedding day with no idea of what was to come. She truly had no idea that Brian and Lauren were going to take time out of their wedding day to come see her and I think that is part of what made it special.”


Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

Peg even wore the corsage she was to wear at the wedding.


Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, as the elated woman gradually transitioned from speechless wonder to joyously repeating the words, “I have a granddaughter!”


Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

Brian, Lauren and several other family members spent 30 minutes visiting with Peg, before heading to the wedding reception.

“She was so thankful and just beside herself," Brian said.


Credit: Hello Gorgeous Photography

In addition to the pictures, the incredible moment was also captured on video by Charles Anthony Studio. And the last minute decision to surprise Brian’s grandma is one the couple will treasure forever. The Lord called the Peg home just a few weeks after the wedding, but the expression of pure joy on Peg’s face is a special moment the husband and wife will cherish forever.


You can watch the heartwarming surprise below:


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