Actress and ‘Ted Lasso’ Star Melts Hearts on Red Carpet with Daughter’s Handmade Accessory

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‘Ted Lasso’ star, Hannah Waddingham, melts hearts with her red carpet accessory handmade by her daughter

Hannah was on the red carpet attending the SAG Awards. She stops to show the interviewer a handmade cardboard purse her nine-year-old daughter had made for the event.

"Yeah, I mean look at it," Hannah says as she shows off the colorful purse. "There was a spare bit of cardboard in the house. Look at the rainbow detail. Look, it's a ‘One Love' evening bag."

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You can tell how proud Hannah is of the creation. Oftentimes our children will create something; to them, it is the most special thing on earth. It is heartwarming to see Hannah bring it to the awards show and show it off. What a great mom!

‘Ted Lasso’ Star Melts Hearts with Daughter’s Homemade Red Carpet Accessory

The interviewer asked Hannah if her daughter knew what her dress looked like, and she said she didn't. She put all the colors on the purse so that it could go with everything. Smart girl! She made sure her mom had what she needed for her special night.

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Hannah tells us that her daughter told her, "Mummy, it's like you say. It goes with everything and nothing bag."

Hannah shows off the bag a bit more, saying it's not too stable but holds more than your average bag. And it seems to work well for the night.

So many in the comments really enjoyed the clip. One commenter said, "ITS FUNCTIONAL!! She did a great job. Mom bragging is everything!" and another, "This is the most genuine thing i have seen from someone on the red carpet."

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Seeing a celebrity be so real and transparent about something her daughter made is lovely. Doing so makes her feel more relatable and puts a smile on our faces.

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." – Proverbs 22:6

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