Teen Who Lost Her Mom Sobs When Friend’s Mom Steps in to take Her Prom Dress Shopping

prom dress shopping

It’s prom season, which means it’s time to go prom dress shopping. Many teenagers nationwide are searching for that perfect outfit for that special high school event.

Going out and finding a new dress with your mom is almost a rite of passage. However, not everyone can do so. Ava, a high school student, went to TikTok to talk about how she had lost her own mom.

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She Posted An Emotional Video

Ava posted an emotional video on her account, stewie.the.subie. The words said, “My mom died when I was 7, and my only friend from school told his mom I don’t have money for a dress for prom and she offered to take me dress shopping.”

So many in the comments supported and encouraged her. They also praised the friend’s mom for stepping in when Ava’s mom couldn’t. Others shared their own similar stories.

“that’s what being a mom is… we step in when other moms can’t… it would be an honor to buy you a prom dress… let her💜 i would want someone to do it for my daughter…💜

“my daughter passed away at 22yo. I was so thankful to take both my daughter in law’s wedding dress shopping”

“My friends mom did this for my when I was a senior...I hope I can return the kindness somehow someday ❤️”

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An Amazing Act of Kindness

What an amazing act of kindness to take Ava prom dress shopping when her own mom is no longer around to do so. And to buy her a dress to attend this fun high school tradition.

In another video posted a few days later, we see Ava trying on prom dresses. “Core memories with my stand in mom,” it says with the caption, “She doesn’t need to know I’m all teary editing this. #prom2024.” Ava tries on a few dresses and decides on a beautiful blue dress.

WATCH: Ava Goes Prom Dress Shopping

@stewie.the.subie She doesnt need to know im all teary editing this 🥺 #prom2024 ♬ another love – ✨️

A few weeks later, we see another post of hers in her dress on prom night. “I did end up going to prom, even after legit everyone canceled on me.”

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When a Child Loses a Mother

We hope Ava had a wonderful time at prom, even if everything didn’t go as planned.

It is always heartbreaking to hear about when a child loses their mother. As time passes, there are many things they miss out on, which can be pretty difficult for the child. People like Ava’s friend’s mom knew she was dealing with the loss and stepped in to help.

She shared the love of Jesus with her and offered her something special. Ava will always remember this kindness. She found a pretty dress and made some special memories she will remember for the rest of her life.

WATCH: Ava’s Emotional Video About a Prom Dress



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