Retirement Community Treats Residents To Prom For Seniors And The Joy Is Contagious

senior living community in maryland throws prom

One senior living community in Maryland threw a prom-style bash for its residents, complete with dancing, singing and plenty of smiles.

Aging, unfortunately, is something that happens to everybody. It's a fact of life and a process that no one can stop or avoid. Like everything that humans have no control over, there is only one way to handle the aging process: acceptance. And just because aging continues, that doesn't mean that having fun in life must stop.

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Brightview Senior Living in Severna Park, Maryland, threw a party for its residents. But it wasn't just any party. They threw the men and women who live at their facilities a "senior" prom, according to WMAR.

The residents put on their best dresses and tuxes, and walked the red carpet as they came out to enjoy the fun, dancing the night away to songs like Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," "YMCA" and "The Cupid Shuffle."

Organizers of the event, because a consensus could not be reached, named two pairs of kings and queens at the big party.

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But that's not all. Several members of the US Naval Academy were also in attendance. They talked and danced with the facility’s many residents.

A Fun Time Was Had By All At the Facility’s Senior Prom

A handful of the Navy midshipmen at the senior prom also showed off their singing skills. They provided the residents and everyone at the party with entertainment by singing karaoke to Journey's 1981 classic "Don't Stop Believin'," according to the Severna Park Voice.

A fun time was had by all who came out and enjoyed the senior prom and all its festivities!

"It makes me very happy that they wanted to come and participate," said one organizer of the senior prom. "And it's awesome to see the ones who were here when I did it when I was younger and now. And the fact that everybody dressed up and is so excited, makes me really happy."

Other Facilities Threw Similar Parties for Their Residents

Brightview Living was not the only assisted living facility in the state of Maryland to hold a prom night for its residents. The Atrium Senior Living Community in Owing Mills, Maryland, did so as well, according to People.

In mid-May residents sported their best outfits and arrived at the party in fashion, taking a ride in a limo. They then walked the red carpet before dancing and partying the night away.

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Dena Schreier was the the organizer of the Atrium Senior Living Community prom. She mentioned why events mean so much to their elderly residents.

"It’s important to look forward to something for these residents. It’s something fun, something special, something that’s out of the ordinary," she said.

Not to be outdone by the two facilities in Maryland, the Village at Incarnate Word Senior Living Community in San Antonio, Texas, had a bash for their residents.

A video posted on the facility's Facebook page shows several people strutting their stuff on the dance floor during their "2nd annual Spring Formal."

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"Do not give me up when I am old; be my help even when my strength is gone."Psalm 71:9

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