Teen Decides to Pump and Pay for Gas for Elderly Man and Restores Faith in Younger Generation

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A viral Facebook post tells the sweet story of how a teenager offered to pay for the gas for an elderly man. And the picture of the scene is just heartwarming!

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The Facebook post describes a teenage boy filling up the gas tank for an elderly gentleman while he was putting gas into his Mustang. And the moment had so many people online gushing about the young man's kindness.

"I admire his good traits! A reflection of the kind of parents he comes from. Good job!" comments one person on Facebook.

"What a kind hearted young gentleman. God bless you. Makes one wish all the kids nowadays have the same attitude especially towards the elderly," writes another person online.

Teen Opts to Pay for Gas for Elderly Man and Internet Applauds

Here are the words that were shared with the touching picture on Facebook:
"Beautiful ❤️ This teenager was filling up his Mustang when the older gentleman pulled up with his can for the mower and was patiently waiting. The teenager noticed, pulled the nozzle out and said “Sir will you please let me see your can?” He filled it up as the older gentleman objected. When the kid finished, he put the nozzle back into his car to finish filling up his own. He refused to take money from the gentleman and wished him a wonderful day. They are all over this country and they come in many shapes and colors. Teach your children to be like this. It all starts at home with the parents. Be a parent, not a buddy."

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God bless this caring teenage boy! May his actions remind us all to look for ways that we can do acts of kindness for those around us.

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