Stranger Blesses Mom Who’s On The Verge Of Tears And The Act Of Kindness Meant The World

act of kindness for mom

One random act of kindness for a mom brought her to tears after a tough day of parenting.

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Devon Linden is a mom to two little ones, and each week she takes them to swim practice. Recently, she was trying to leave the pool after swim lessons with her kids, and that's when the tantrums started. And all parents to small children know how tough those can be sometimes, especially when you are out in public.

"I was really honestly near tears just as a mom, trying to keep it together, and get my kids out of there," Devon shared.

A stranger soon appeared and gave Devon a note as a way to offer her some encouragement. And when Devon unfolded it once she got to her car, she broke down in tears with what she found inside.

There was $100 inside the note, along with a message that said: "Your life and purpose is huge!! Life is so precious. Every day is a gift, so make it count. Enjoy!!"

Act Of Kindness For Mom, Devon Linden, Is Blessing On Hard Day

What an incredible act of kindness that really impacted this mom of two.

"In a moment where she saw me struggling, she didn't pass judgement on me, my kids, my parenting, anything that was happening. She just chose to bless me," said Devon.

And Devon also shared about how the woman who blessed her inspired her to be that kind of person for others. One that sees other people and offers encouragement and kindness.

"I'm trying to think of what this new decade is going to bring for me, what type of person I can strive to be, and I just thought, I want to be like this lady. I want to be impactful in the best way," Devon said. "Something that I want to show my children too is how to give others grace when they're having a hard time and pass that on."

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Now Devon doesn't know the name of the mystery woman who blessed her when she needed it most, but she has a message for her.

"Really, just thank you for seeing me in a hard time and really just giving me exactly what I needed in that moment to feel like I can spend my day being a good mom and person."

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