Professor’s Act Of Kindness For Student Mom Is Adorable

Marine veteran Katy Humphrey is not your average college student. She is also a wife and a full-time mother. A situation came up and her daughter had to come to class with her. The baby was fussing during class and that is when her professor, Dr. Darryn Willoughby did something so incredible. The kind professor held the baby the whole entire lecture.

Katy’s babysitter canceled on her right before class, she had no other choice but to bring her 4-month-old daughter Millie with her. She is really trying to balance motherhood and her education. So, she got Millie all dressed up with a pink flower headband to sport for her unofficial first day of school and they were on their way.

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Katy hoped that Millie would sit still through the class, but she was so fussy. After all, she is a wee little one experiencing college for the first time. Katy did not want to disturb the class. Most people would have dismissed their student but Dr. Wiloughby wanted to do something more helpful than that.

Dr. Wiloughby did not want Katy to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable with having Millie in the class, so he went to Katy and scooped the precious baby into his arms. He walks with her to the front of the room and resumes his lecture. The professor held her all throughout the entire lecture so that Katy can focus on the course material. He did a great job with multitasking and did not miss a beat. He rocked her back and forth, wrote on the board with one hand while holding Millie with the other arm.

Little Millie is so content with being in his arms. She has no problem with him walking from one end of the room to the next. She gets to look around and see everyone's faces. I am sure the entire class was completely distracted by how adorable she is!

WATCH: Kind Professor Held Fussy Baby

Credit: Youtube/ABC News

Source: Little Things

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