A Stranger’s Act Of Kindness For A Struggling Student Is Truly Heartwarming

Angels May Be Listening

When you're out and about, it's not uncommon to encounter someone who is talking on their cell phone. And oftentimes, you can't help but overhear at least part of their conversation. Most of us don't pay too much attention. But when Charlotte Rose Ford, a student at the University of Manchester in England, made an important phone call at a cafe in the student union, God made sure a special angel was listening in!

Stranger Leaves Note And Money For Struggling Student

Credit: Facebook

Due to some personal issues, Charlotte had missed some deadlines in her classes, and was on the phone with a counselor. She learned she needed to get a doctor's letter in order to qualify for mitigating circumstances, but that the doctor's office would charge a fee. Being on a very tight budget, the struggling student didn't have enough to cover the cost and so the call ended with Charlotte in tears.

But as she hung up the phone, someone came over to her table, and set down a coffee, saying that someone had sent it over. Inside the sleeve of the coffee cup was tucked money to cover the fee for the doctor's letter, and a handwritten note. The note read:

"I hope you don’t mind that I overheard. Just wanted to say don’t worry! I’ve been there, I thought I wouldn’t get through my undergrad & now I’m doing a PhD! This is for the doctor’s note. You’ll get through it!”

Stranger Leaves Note And Money For Struggling Student

Credit: Facebook

The kindness shown by this complete stranger really touched Charlotte (and us!). So, she shared the story on Facebook. In her post, she said the incident showed 2 things:

1) You're really not on your own no matter how much you might think so, because there's always someone who's been there

2) The world actually is such a lovely place sometimes and that there are people full of kindness!

And we think these are wonderful reminders for all of us! You're never alone because our loving God is always watching over His children. And He often sends reminders of His love through the kindness of strangers when we least expect it!

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Credit: Facebook

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