Act of Kindness for Woman Stuck in the Snow Restores Faith in Humanity

kindness for a woman stuck in the snow

Lori Clark of Michigan was already at wits’ end, ready to give up. Then, she found herself stranded. But when a stranger stepped in to help, his kindness for a woman stuck in the snow was just what she needed to restore her faith in humanity!

Have you ever been through a season where nothing seems to go right? Lori Clark was in the middle of one of those seasons when she found herself stranded at a gas station in Ann Arbor.

“I was at my wits’ end and I just kind of wanted to sit in my car and give up,” she explained.

Her Mustang got stuck in the snow, and while plenty of people were coming and going at the gas station, none could be bothered to help Lori.

“People passed me by as if I was in their way,” she said.

But then God sent a special angel!

Stranger’s Kindness For A Woman Stuck In The Snow

A plumber named Blair Emerson pulled into the gas station and couldn’t help but notice Lori was on the brink of tears. And that just didn’t sit right with the compassionate man.

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Blair grabbed a shovel from his truck and went to work digging Lori out.

“He was just like a knight in shining armor,” Lori gushed.

But for Blair, it wasn’t enough just to get Lori’s car free. He knew just how dangerous the rear-wheel-drive Mustang was in the snow.

“All that [car]’s gonna do is wiggle like a fish out of water and that’s very unsafe,” he said.

So, Blair took Lori up to Kroger, where he purchased several bags of kitty litter. Lori tried to pay, but the cashier told her Blair had already taken care of it.

Back at the gas station, Blair strategically distributed the weight of the kitty litter bags in the trunk of the Mustang, so that it would handle better in the snow. Then, he followed behind Lori until she signaled to him that she was close enough to make it home safely.

Faith Restored

For the humble plumber, there’s nothing special about what he did. But for Lori, the man’s kindness for a woman stuck in the snow was overwhelming. She cried the whole way home.

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Lori had been ready to give up. But then this angel went above and beyond for a complete stranger. It was a reminder that people do still care, just when she needed it most.

“How do you thank somebody who gave you so much?” she asked.

Thankfully, the news reporter covering this act of kindness shared Lori’s message of gratitude with her special angel.

WATCH: ‘Thank You’ From Woman Stuck In The Snow

What a beautiful reminder of how a little bit of kindness can go a long way!

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me” Matthew 25:35

h/t: WXYZ Detroit

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