Viral Photo Of Teacher Sitting On The Floor With A Troubled Student

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Viral Photo Of Teacher Having A Heart-To-Heart With Student

Teachers have such an important job — one that extends far beyond the walls of their classroom. It’s a job that requires plenty of heart. And that’s just what Mr. Bailey’s co-worker, Brittney Elizabeth Salway, found when stumbled upon the caring teacher having a heart-to-heart with a troubled student. And now, her photo of the heartwarming moment is going viral!

First grade teacher Brittney was walking down the hall of the elementary school where she works when a sight stopped her dead in her tracks. There, in the middle of the hallway, sat one of the students.

“The child in the photo has been having a hard time since we got back from winter break, acting out in class and his teacher couldn’t find a way to reach him,” she said.

On the ground, right next to the student, was his teacher — Mr. Bailey.

“Mr. Bailey figured he may need more of a father figure to help figure out what was wrong,” Brittney explained.

The moment was so touching, Brittney couldn’t help but try to listen in. She wasn’t able to hear most of what was said, but was able to get the gist.

“I didn’t hear much of the conversation,” she said. “Just that the student was being picked on at school and that the teacher was trying to lift the kids spirits up and help him out of the situation.”

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This Is What Teaching Is All About

There’s no doubt the time Mr. Bailey took to offer advice and encouragement will have a huge impact on the troubled student. It let the child know someone cared. And the special moment was so touching, Brittney snapped a quick photo, making sure not to interrupt.

She then shared the photo with local news anchor Frank Somerville, who posted it on Facebook with the caption:

“Sometimes teaching is sitting down in the middle of the hallway with a kid who is having a rough time and having a heart to heart. What a beautiful moment.”

The world certainly needs more of Mr. Bailey’s compassion. It just goes to show what a difference teachers make!

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” Psalm 32:8


h/t: Frank Somerville KTVU

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