A Teacher Changed Her Student’s Life With A Very Special Miracle

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Teachers are a gift, especially Troy’s teacher, Donna. She always goes above and beyond for her students, but what she did for Troy’s family is truly beyond selfless.

Donna is one of those teachers who pay close attention to the students who are in her classroom. She begins to notice something odd in one of her elementary students, Troy. He was not interacting in class like he used to.

He was all of a sudden so shut down and his behavior was simply not the same. Donna grew very concerned and wondered if there was something going on at home that affected his performance at school. So, she reached out to Troy's mom to express her concerns.

And that is when she discovered that something was going on. For the past year, his mom had been in stage five kidney failure. She was in pain every day and desperately needed a new kidney. But she has a rare blood type, so finding a match for a kidney transplant was virtually impossible.

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Her condition had been a very long and anxious journey. It had been so overwhelming for the family, and it had definitely made an impact on Troy. And in class, he has been silently carrying the burden of what his mom was going through at home.

The news broke Donna's heart. She knew that she just had to do something. She was there as a loving friend to help Troy cope with seeing his mom sick all of the time, but she was also there for his mom. Donna researched how to become a kidney donor and discovered that she has the same rare blood type as Troy's mom. So she got tested and miraculously was a match.

So, for Christmas, the kidney transplant took place, and everyone is doing so well. Even Troy is doing much better in school. Troy says that a perfect match is a miracle, and that was a gift of a lifetime. This is incredible!

WATCH: Elementary School Teacher Donated Her Kidney To Student’s Mom

Credit: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

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