Elderly Man Missing During Winter Storm Found In Ditch And Carried To Safety By State Trooper

elderly man missing

When one elderly man went missing during a snowstorm, a state trooper in Maine quickly went into action to find and rescue the man.

Trooper Tyler Harrington had just started his shift when he heard about a 911 call for a missing 82-year-old man. His name was Bernard Perry, and his wife had just reported that he was nowhere to be found.

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That's when Trooper Harrington jumped right into action. “Luckily, Mr. Perry lives around four miles from my house,” he said.

Trooper Tyler Harrington said that he saw a plow driver in the area and asked him if he had seen an older man walking nearby.

“I had the plow truck driver show me where the last place he had seen him as I followed him over. The plow truck driver pointed in the general area. I was able to shine my flashlight and see Mr. Perry off the roadway in the ditch,” Tyler said.

Thank goodness Trooper Harrington found Bernard in time! “I don’t know how much longer he would have had,” said Tyler.

Elderly Man Missing During Storm Rescued By Maine State Trooper

By the time the trooper got to him, the elderly man was suffering from severe hypothermia and frostbite and could not speak. It was estimated that Bernard had been in the ditch for about 90 minutes and a quarter-mile from his home.

“He was unable to walk. I had asked him if he could hear me. He made a groaning noise which led me to believe that I was going to have to carry him to safety,” Trooper Harrington said.

Once he was found, Bernard was carried by Trooper Tyler Harrington to his car and given a blanket. Then he was taken to the hospital to recover.

If it wasn't for Trooper Harrington, Bernard may not still be with us today. But the state trooper says that he was just doing his job, and anyone else would have done the same.

“Ultimately being at the right place, at the right time. Any one of us, any law enforcement, any civilian would have done the exact same thing I did,” Trooper Harrington said.

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Thank the Lord for Bernard's rescue and all the state troopers who serve their communities!

WATCH: State Police Rescues Missing Elderly Man

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