Elderly Man Living With Cerebral Palsy Makes Typewriter Art

If you ‘think’ you can…you can!

This was Paul Smith’s motto or at least it appears to have been. Paul was born with cerebral palsy and has recently passed away at age 87. But his artistic skills are still being appreciated as his artwork hangs on the walls of the Rose Haven Nursing Center where he lived for several years. Now, I’m sharing them with you. It’s truly amazing. To watch him work his hands over the keys and as importantly, to ‘envision’ his art is inspiring.

Isaiah 40:31

While his movements may have been limited it did not appear to slow him down. Paul’s spirit is beautiful, and clearly, the employees in the center truly loved him and miss him dearly.

Psalms 46:10

Typewriter art–who would have thought?! As you watch the video, you will be amazed at what Paul can create using this old-fashioned typewriter. Paul is clearly using gifts and talents that come from God.


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By Josh Stofflet

Featured Image Credit: Youtube