The Teacher Made Him Stay After Class And Then Discovered His Talent

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Sometimes the very thing that we think is wrong with us, is actually our greatest gifts. That was especially the case for Clint Pulver when he became a 10-year-old drummer.

When he was 10 years old, he struggled so much in school. He just could not stay still in class. He tried so hard to focus, but he could not stop tapping. It annoyed his classmates so much that they would also yell at him and beg him to stop tapping.

Clint's teacher gave him several warnings, and but he would unconsciously start tapping again. He just could not help himself.

Clint's constant tapping was such a problem to the class, that his teacher sent him to the principal’s office. The principle figured that whenever Clint felt the urge to tap, sitting on his hands would solve the problem. So, Clint tried it. Whenever he wanted to tap, he quickly sat on his hands. It did not work at all.

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Then one day, while Clint was tapping away in one teacher's classroom, the teacher yelled for him to stay after class. Clint just knew he was in trouble. But after class, his teacher, Mr. Jensen let him know that he was not in trouble. Instead of giving Clint tips on how to refrain from tapping, he helped Clint discover something that changed his entire life.

Mr. Jensen asked Clint did he ever think of drumming. He opens the drawer to his desk and handed Clint his very first pair of drumsticks. Mr. Jensen's ability to recognize and encourage Clint's gift changed the entire course of his life.

Since that moment, Clint never put those drumsticks down. He practiced and practiced and developed a skill that has taken him to so many places. He got opportunities to tour and travel as a drummer. Clint was even able to have college paid for because of his musical abilities. He still has a very successful career in drumming, and it was all because one person believed in him.

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