Adoptive Parents Meet Their Newborn Son After Waiting For Four Years

It is an exciting day for this couple. They are adoptive parents who finally get to meet their baby for the first time.

They have been trying to adopt a baby for the past four years. But they never got the call that they would be parents. They did not give up hope. Even as the years passed, they just knew that they will have a baby to adopt eventually.

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Then one day, they received the call that they have been waiting to hear for the longest time. They were going to be parents! They rushed to the hospital to find a beautiful baby boy waiting for his new parents. The room was so peaceful when the new parents walk in. And as soon as they got sight of their newborn, tears began to stream down their faces. It is a dream come true for them.

They just could not wait to hold him and tell him the name that they picked out for him. The name was so perfect for their perfect little baby. It was so natural for his dad to say "Ezekiel" as if he has been calling him for months!

The new parents adored him so much. His mom cannot get over how cute and little he is! You can see the love that they have for him already! Ezekiel is blessed to have a loving family, and his family is so blessed to have him.

WATCH: Adoptive Parents Meet Their Newborn

Credit: Rumble/Taramisue

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