Little Girls Swear They Are Twins For The Best Reason

Jia Sarnicola and Zuri Copeland are two preschool girls who are totally convinced that they are twin sisters. And if you try to correct them, they will let you know that you are the one who is completely wrong.

The two girls met in preschool. They found a whole list of similarities and things they have in common and immediately bonded. The two have been inseparable ever since.

They do not call each other best friends, and they do not even call each other sisters. Jia and Zuri believe that they are much closer than that. So, they call themselves "twins". And they go through life together just like twins do.

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They are the same height, they have birthdays that are a few days apart, and they are both four years old. They also like to dress alike every time they get a chance. It does not matter to them that they were born of different mothers who do not share the same skin color.

They truly believe that what they have in common makes them sisters. When an older kid tried to persuade them that they could not be twins, one of the twin girls said through tears, that they were twins because they shared the same soul.

Jia and Zuri share a strong bond that society can not even break. Their relationship is an example that the entire world needs to see. We can learn a lot from the relationship that these two precious little girls share.

WATCH: Two Preschool Girls Believe They Are Twins

Credit: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

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