NICU Nurse Found The Reason For Her Twins Being Born Prematurely

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Sandy Content has been a NICU nurse for 10 years. She worked as a nurse prior, but her passion to become a NICU nurse developed after her twin daughters, Madison and Morgan were born prematurely. Her journey with her two babies helped her find her calling.

Morgan and Madison were born about 16 weeks early. They had a very slim chance of surviving. But Morgan was released from NICU after 93 days and Madison was able to go home after 97 days. Sandy knows that it is so rare for babies who are born at only 24 weeks to survive, but thanks to the dedication of NICU doctors and nurses, her babies were nursed to health.

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The reality stroke Sandy that NICU is where she is supposed to be. She wanted to give back by helping babies survive. After her babies were home, she returned to work as a nurse for a little while and then was able to be transferred into the NICU.

As a NICU nurse, Sandy usually works 12 hours a day. Her day is filled with feeding babies, keeping track of their health, and giving them hugs and cuddles. She also provides support to the babies' parents. Since she knows exactly what it is like to go through what they are going through, she is the perfect one to help guide parents through the range of emotions they may feel.

Sandy is so confident in the fact that nursing babies to health is what she does best. It is so rewarding to watch a baby grow well enough to be able to go home. It makes her reflect on how blessed she is to have her now 10-year-old twins here with her alive and well.

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