Three Children Tell The Story Of Jesus And His Empty Tomb In The Cutest Way

godupdates kids talk about empty tomb

Three siblings share the story of the empty tomb in the most adorable way! You have got to watch their video.

I love videos of children sharing gospel truths! When I watch Levi, Lia, and Luca, I am always encouraged by how much they know about stories written in the Bible. And this video is one that I am really excited about.

They started their video off by sharing that Jesus loves the unexpected and He has always been good at His surprise appearances. And one of His surprise appearances was to Mary Magdalene right after He rose from the dead.

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It was so adorable how they explained the whole set up! They said that Mary Magdalene probably was not able to sleep, so she went for a walk and ended up at Jesus' tomb. Jesus had just died and was buried in the tomb that Mary Magdalene went to walk to. But when she got there, the tomb was open, and Jesus' body was not in there. The three siblings talked about how Mary Magdalene went to get the others. And when they got back, Jesus' grave clothes were still there, but He was not.

Mary Magdalene was so overwhelmed because Jesus was nowhere in sight and she began to cry. It was so cute at how the children explained how Jesus appeared and asked why she was crying. And when he said her name, she knew it was Jesus. Him saying her name was His way of saying, "Peace, not fear. I'm still here!".

The talked more about Jesus' appearances and how He told everyone who walked with him, "Peace, not fear. I'm still here!". One of my biggest takeaways from this video is when the children reminded us that impossibilities are not permanent and that the world tries to convince us that Jesus is still dead. But Jesus' tomb is empty, He is alive, and He gives us so much hope. When Jesus rose from the dead, it showed us that anything is possible!

WATCH: Adorable Kids Talk About Jesus’ Empty Tomb

Credit: Youtube/LeLiLu Videos

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