Dad Sends Postcards To His Children Every Day Even After Twenty Years

Can you think about how your dad showed that he loved you? This dad sends postcards every day to his children to show them love and it is so thoughtful.

There is no love like the love a dad has for his children. David wants to remind his children of the love he has for them every day. And he does that by sending his four kids postcards every single day.

It all started when he dropped his oldest daughter off at college for the first time. He was so emotional because he missed he the very moment he and his family headed home. David cried the whole entire ride and when he got home, he missed her so much that he could not wait to write her. So, he sat down and wrote a note for her on a postcard and put it right in the mail.

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And to this day, over 20 years later, he still sends all of his four kids postcards in the mail every day. He does not get tired of it and neither do they. He sent over twenty thousand postcards to date.

One of his daughters kept every last one of the postcard he sent to her and she cherishes them. And he never runs out of things to share with his kids. But even though every postcard may have a different letter on it, there is a consistent message that he wants to send. Which is that his children are so loved by their father.

WATCH: Dad Sends Postcards Every Day

Credit: Youtube/CBS Sunday Morning

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