Dad Sings A Special Song To His Deaf Sons And Is Moved To Tears

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The family is over for karaoke and it seemed to be a typical night. But when this dad starts singing to his son, everyone in the room was moved to tears.

Dad, Zach, is an amazing singer, so it is completely normal for Zach to walk around the house singing. But the moment that his mother captured on video was one that he will remember for a lifetime. She recorded her son singing to his little boy.

Zach was standing up and holding his son, Judah. Zach was singing to Judah when Zach's mom got the camera rolling. He was singing country music song “Boy” from singer, Lee Brice. The song in and of itself holds so much emotion and Zach got so overwhelmed when he was singing the song to his son.

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He was trying to get through the song, but the urge of tears kept interrupting him. "Keep going" his mom encouraged him. "I can't mama. I'm crying", he said bashfully before begging her to not post him crying Facebook.

Zach was able to get through more of the song. He held it all together up until the very moment his precious son, who is hearing-impaired, locked eyes with him and flashed him a smile. Zach turned into a puddle of tears as he sat down on the couch and grabbed a pillow to cover his face while he cried.

Judah has cerebral palsy and hearing-impairment. His caring daddy has been there for him every step of the way. And though little Judah may not be able to hear exactly what his dad is singing to him, in that moment you can tell that he feels every bit of loving emotion his dad is pouring over him. And it is impossible to not to well up a little bit watching this incredible moment! Who else was teary?

WATCH: Dad Starts Singing To His Song And It Went Viral

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