Baby Girl Has The Best Reaction To Her Daddy Playing The Guitar For Her

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Dan Fowlks is an amazing musician, and he enjoys singing while playing his guitar. His baby girl seems to love it too by the way she reacts to him singing to her. This daddy serenades his sweet girl, and it’s just too cute!

Dan whips out his guitar and begins to sing his own rendition of Bobby Darin's jazzy 50's hit, "Dream Lover." He usually records himself while working on music, but this time he has an adorable 10-month-old little fan girl to serenade and her reaction made the video adorable. His daughter is sitting on the bed when he got the camera rolling.

As soon as he starts strumming his guitar, his sweet little baby stares at him in amazement. She knows that she is in for a treat. When he starts singing, she quickly crawls to the end of the bed as if she is running to the end of the stage for her very own concert.

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She has the hugest smile on her face as she bops her head to her dad serenading her. It is so cute how she bounces up and down. She is having the time of her life clapping her hands and waving them in the air.

Daddy even chuckles a bit at how adorable her little dance moves are. Her heart is so full, that she lays down and coos as he ends the song. It was so precious. People are all commenting on the video with how it completely brightened their day. Who else could use a little joy in their life today? I know I can! I’m going to watch this one on repeat. 😉

WATCH: Daddy Serenades His Baby Girl

Credit: Rumble/Danfowlks

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